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Cheap beer that contains very little alcohol. In the 70s 3.2 beer had this title, but since the national 21 year old drinkiing age it has been difficult to obtain. Now piss water is usually shitty beers like nattie ice and busch. Stupid college kids drink these beers. Don't be those kids.
Man, this piss water sucks. I've been to teh pisser 5 times and I'm not even buzzed yet.
by Billy The Impaler December 14, 2004
Calc III, where nothing makes sense and everything is fake. 'Nuff said.
This magic math bullshit is whipping my ass.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004
A hairshirt worn commonly be medieval monks designed to irritate the skin and shelter lice. They were worn to cause the wearer suffering as penance for sins and to imitate the sufferings of Christ on the cross.
Man #1:Yo, bitch, this hurr hairshirt is itchin the fuck outta me. Why the hell am I wearing this shit?
Man #2:What Would Jesus Do, Motherfucker?
by Billy The Impaler December 9, 2004
A cheap brand of beer usually consumed by underage schoolchildren. It is known for being piss water, in that its low alcohol content and diuretic nature cause the drinker to need to utinate frequently but not get very inebriated.
Guy #1: Did ya'll picked up that case of guinness like I asked for?
Guy #2: Yeah, they was out so i got this instead.
Guy #1 Nattie Ice! This shit is piss water! Fuck you, man.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004
Anabbreviation for "Mother Fucking Cunt" generally reserved for someone who is behaving in a fashion that makes everyone around angered.
Don't take Dr. Calvo's Chem class. He's a real MFC.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004