1) An ethnocentric magazine that puts Western society on the same level as God.
2) Softcore porn.
Bob's wife thinks he subscribes to National Geographic because he is anthropologically inclined. She is wrong.
by CCM January 26, 2006
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A graphic description of seriously sloppy, low hanging tits.
"She pulled up her shirt, and a pair of National Geographics flopped out."
by Deano' June 15, 2007
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Usually occur after a woman has a child (children). Can resemble two sunny-side-up eggs running down a wall, or two watermelons in a downhill race. Not limited by race, ethnicity, or creed. Almost always an unpleasant suprise discovered after the bra comes off. The larger the breasts, the worse the dimay.
My ex wife Amy looked great with her bra on, but when that came off she had national geographic titties!
by CBianchi August 20, 2007
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N. Extremely long, very disturbing, nipples of a woman. "National Geographic" refering to African tribal women as featured topless in the magazine.
Damn bitch, dem National Geographic nipples are fuckin freaky.
by M. Boogie September 10, 2006
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The form a women's boobs take on, usually after having given birth.

May occur in some women that, just have bad luck

For mothers, this also affects their nipples, usually becoming what I call Silver Dollars.(visualize a silver dollar pancake and you'll understand)
Hey check out Kelly over there, she's pretty hot right?
Well she's got national geographic tits, but a cute face..hot ass!!!
by xxAdam S.xx February 6, 2008
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Banana or flapjack shaped titties with nipples pointing straight down. Originated from too many national geographic pictures of 3rd world indiginous women who dont have bras.
Did you see the newest nat geo magazine? The one with the National Geographic Tits on the cover?
by Deedub310 May 20, 2019
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