When you have a shit, wipe, and there is nothing on the toilet paper. This represent ideal rectal conditions to receive anal sex in the most sanitary fashion.
Yes I had a sex shit now I can get pounded real good without making a mess
by James Bo July 19, 2008
During anal sex, when the person pulls out of the ass and immediately the person receiving the cock has a shit all over the place. This usually is the end result of a serious pounding...where you literally fuck the shit out of him.
Man, i was fucking Nick and when I pulled out he totally has a sex shit all over my sheets
by James Bo July 19, 2008
Poop that comes out during anal
I fucked my Girlfriend so hard she got the sex shits
by Fuck2013 May 6, 2020
That boy just had shit sex with his boyfriend. You can tell from his enlarged sphincter.
by Melin168 October 31, 2010
What bisexuals do after too much rum.
That faggot Nic Hendricks had shit sex with a dog.
by butt battalion boy October 14, 2007
Just sex, and shit, like pizza. No feelings, just sex and shit.

Copyright: K&K&Co.
I'm in a sex n' shit relationship with Kyle, Brandon, and Eric. Purely sex, and maybe some pizza afterwards.
by K&K&Co. March 23, 2014
when two black men fuck a white girl and the girl shit on the mens dick
i had dirty oreo shit sex
by sussy bals February 7, 2022