Written "nao" or "na0" for geekier persons.

It means "now" in a more bashful and impatient way.
Used a lot in forums or discusion/image boards like "chans" or gamefaqs.
Picz na0 or it didn't happen!!1!

John: I'm hungry
Mom: It will be ready in......
by Jon February 4, 2007
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A word meaning 'no' which was founded at Dartford Grammar School.
This word 'nao' is used widely throughout the youth of today and is another way to say 'no' but in a more aggressive and slangy way.
The use of the word is to say to people that have done something wrong or do not understand something.
You are condemning them.
Naooo Tom!

Get that dudu.. Naooo
by shakattack1995 April 14, 2011
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A panacaeic statement of utter derision or disdain.

Relevant in many contexts; generally to exacerbate the embarassment of a failed joke, but perhaps specifically directed at an individual, preceding the target's name, or title, in order to indicate their knob-headedness.

Old Fisherian in its etymology, derived from the older expression 'nao barry'. Common in south london area. Spread faithfully nation-wide by alumni.
'Yes I'm hungwy. I'm hungwy feh wevenge!'

'....................................NAO SIR!!!'

'Nao your life'

'Nao Liam'
by sir cosmo February 20, 2009
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A gay indian dude who watches anime,hentai and reads alot of trash things. Basically a indian version of a neet.
That dude is a nao!
by shenbses December 30, 2022
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Word invented by students at a south east london school to mock the stupidity and complete twatness of other individuals, often used at the end of a crap joke
A> Did anyone see that interesting science program last nite? <tumbleweed>

B> Nao
by MC_Safe_Rudeboi May 3, 2004
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Commonly used among gaming communities, as a noob slang term for 'now'. Popular among members of the Gunz commmunity.
Jim: OMG COME QUICK NAO!!!!!!!11
Mary: You suck.
by dazonfire October 24, 2006
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Me: U'r guei
by _TcK_ September 14, 2007
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