A game by Maiet in which everybody is an egomaniac.

They will instantly call you a noob once you kill them with a gun other than a shotgun.

However that is not always true.

Even if you do kill them with a shotgun, they will either call you a hacker, lagger, or even come up with an excuse like "I WASN'T TRYING", "OH I WAS EATING", "I WAS TYPING", etc.
A typical game in Gunz.

*Player1 has defeated Player2.*

Player1 : EZPZ

by NO U STFU October 18, 2008
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A Massive Multiplayer game, involving you or someone beating the shit out of people online.

General Info:
-Wide variety of weapons:
-Daggers, Swords, Kodachis, Big Swords
-Pistols, Revs, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Uzis, Rocket Launcher,Sniper, Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flash Bang
- Ammo Kit, Medkit, AP Kit, Elemental sword enchantments
- Styles:
-Dagger Style: The use of a dagger with revs, shotties, or pistols.
-Korean Style: using allowable glitches to your advantage to stop the animations of the character short of other animations.
-Euro Style: Running for your fucking life spraying the hell out of people.
Him: Hey
Her: Hey whats up?
Him: Nothing much just logging into Gunz.
Her: Oh Gunz Online?
HIm: Yeah...O.o You've heard of it?
Her: I play it.. Level?
Him: /proudly I'm a level 59. You? 35?
Her: I'm level 83 with donater items...
Him has signed off.
Her: ?? Was it something I said?
by Kurai[Original] February 1, 2008
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A Multiplayer game in which everyone things they are good because they killed someone. It is also a game in which everyone thinks they are better then each other, even though they suck balls. If you wanted to boost up your ego, this is the game you should play.

Note: No matter how "pro" you are you will always be called a noob by other players. This is even if you kill them in a 1v1 battle.

I recommend staying away from this game

An example is, If you butterfly and kill someone, you get called a noob because you buterfly. If you turtle, then you get called a noob because you dont butterfly.

Another example, you kill someone and you get called a hacker. When you ask what hack they are accusing you of using, they say that they dont know, but they know your hacking.

in other words, gunz is a game for people with large egos =P
by King_Of_Spade169 February 8, 2008
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A really cool Multiplayer Shooting game. It is much like counter-strike but it is in 3rd person and you can pull off special moves, liek running up walls, dashing, somersaults.

One problem right now is the International Version is Beta testing, so it is full of people who hack the game and cheat.
Dude lets play GunZ!
Alright im gunna flip off walls and slash some dudes throat
by Bruce July 5, 2005
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an amazing 3rd person shooter turn based mmorpg with amazing matrix style acrobatic stunts. unfortunately the international version is in its beta stage. which ones it doesnt support routers. dont try to fix it if u have a router. beta version nvr supports routers watever u do.
person1: lets play gunz
person2: i cant i got a router
person1: did u port forward?
person2: yes
person1: did u port trigger?
person2: yes
person2: did u check ur NAT settings?
person1: yes
person2: did u check ur firewall settings?
person1: yes and it still doesnt work
person1: amen to that
by sithtroopers May 29, 2006
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Huge arms; biceps that are incredibly large.
Look, Milf has gunz!
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
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