1. Poo/Shit
2. a cute guy who has a big tummy
3. a guy that April loves.
i luv Dudu
by apie November 07, 2003
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A phrase derived from the game 'The Sims 1/2' which is one word from 'Simlish'. In the real word it can mean a number of things. saying it with differnt tone/volume emphasisises its meaning. 'du du' is different from 'DU DU!!!!'. it can mean:

'Get in my son!', 'She is fit', 'Im dissapointed', 'Hello my friend', 'im amazed' or when rendered lifeless after sex. Is used excessively by a f00l named Dale Pearson who must say it every other word. Plans are being being made to kill him...du du.
Friend 1: Du Du daniel!!
Friend 2: hello my friend DU DU!!!
Perv 1: She is DU DU DA FIT!!!

Perv 2: DU DU!! you are correct my friend
by Dan January 12, 2005
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Language: Bengali
Used mostly by children but has been enthusiastically used by grown men specifically a group who identify themselves as the dudu brothers!
Dudu Khaboooooooo
Translation: I want to drink milk
by Pink_Coffee =D February 14, 2008
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Word for "black" in the Yoruba language, which shares many words with the ancient Egyptian language and may indicate a common origin.

Also a black/dark brown soap manufactured from shea nut butter in western Africa noted for clearing the complexion.
Have you tried that dudu soap? It cleared up my skin!
by Another Ed April 29, 2012
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The yelid from A Cannabis sativa plant which many use to smoke and get high. (A.K.A marijuana) the obvious reason for the name DUDU is the unique oder is gives off.
Hey man ya wanna go hit up the du du?
Du u du da du du?
by The Teddster April 11, 2006
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