To trigger a Vietnam Veterans flashbacks and making fun of them afterwards.
Hey, did you see how I nammed that guy?
by Midgetfucker999 October 04, 2017
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Onomatopoeia (describing the sound) for eating, nibbling, feasting on etc. particularly delicious food or anything else 'edible' that comes to mind.
1. Bob: Nam nam nam, I had some delicious chicken sandwiches for lunch.

2. Obsessed mother wannabe: Ooooooo I could eat your baby all up! Nam nam nam!

3. Ann: I kissed Joe last night, nam nam nam.

4. Joe: I went down on Ann last night, nam nam nam.
by Zelda199 November 28, 2006
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a cute way of saying EAT or EATING or showing the action of EATING
"NAM NAM", the child said
"Stop acting like a baby," said the responsible adult committing adultery
by yawutheawu October 29, 2018
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Your best homie. You want drugs? He got em all.
Friend: Man, I’m out of cocaine
Other friend: It’s aite, Nam got our back
by Tinzer July 17, 2020
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Guy 1: Dude, we really shouldn't be in this part of town this late
Guy 2: We can't just turn around, this is 'Nam
by Namguy January 06, 2011
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1. n. referring to the Vietnam War, usually in a phrase such as "back in 'Nam".
Back in 'Nam we didn't have bitches.
by disrespecting foo December 12, 2002
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An acronym that stands for Non-Asian minority, usually used to more accurately describe a person who is referred to as a member of a minority group in mainstream media or popular discourse. It is necessitated by the general success and prosperity of Asians in the United States, who do as well or better on a host of social indicators than whites do. Thus when a media figure discusses the economic or educational struggles of a minority, he is almost always referring to a NAM, or a non-Asian minority.
"The minority income gap in the US has only gotten worse since the recession!"

"You mean the NAM income gap has gotten worse. Asians are actually doing even better relative to whites than they were before the recession."
by Audacious Epigone August 22, 2011
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