It is realizing there is more to life than video games, masturbation and junk food.

It is building a career, starting a family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
It is transcending selfishness and making the world a better place for everyone.

Ok, enough bullshit.

It is entirely thinking in terms 'what do I want' without fear or shame.
It is realising not to waste time with people who demonize that with social rejection or scientific evidence.
It is realizing you are unique and

the rest of the world arent going anywhere, just following each other (which is why they are so alike and why they feel a need to tell you how to live).
And finally it is extending a huge middle finger to the world and tellling it to go fuck itself because it will be here tomorrow to meet your needs, whether it wants to or not.
Perfect health?

Lay off the religion called 'Responsible adult'.
by pray to your worms September 10, 2017
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