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A Vietnamese last name, has chinese origins relating to that of Ng in Cantonese and Wu in Mandrin, all meaning corn the vegetable. About 1.3% of Vietnamese have this last name. Pronounced as "No" in english. Famous people having this last name include Ngo Dinh Diem a South Vietnamese President.
Hello my name is Bobby Ngo, prounouced "No".
by Hazza December 30, 2008
Up north (UK) speak for Mum, or Mom as an American person would say.
Hey, Mam, can I have £10,000 to buy a bazuka?
by Hazza July 14, 2003
1. Covered in cack
2. Rubbish
3. Excrement
1. It's all cacky now
2. That's really cacky
3. I did a cacky
by Hazza July 14, 2003
- a worthless statement for being an "asian", even though they are not anyway connected to past asian generations establishing themselves as a uneducated culture more than anything else.

- Hangs out with only asians and no other else.

- TyP LiKe TIs n SpEn MoS TiMe on Da InTeRnEt.

- Rather speak their "native" tongue than english even at school, leading to shocking english speaking skills.

-Cannot do sport or refuses to.

- Listens to pop, rnb, hip-hop and more pop especially of their native tongue which is basically all computer generated.

- dress as wannabe gangstars even though they look more like idiots than "cool".

- the lists go on, so i am really banana
- "SuP HoMiE, wHy DoN't YeW HaVe AnY AzN Pride?"

"Because, my dear friend I respect my Asian ancestry more than you ever will, you worthless fuck you can't even bothered to spell asian properly, pride my ass"
by Hazza October 27, 2004
Start by kissing a guy and slowly moving down his body then to lick a guys belly button in the shape of a L and then and A.
"ooo Loz give me an L.A"
"sure ed any time"
by Hazza May 23, 2003
1. (N)Short for the South-East Asian country Vietnam, usually used by American War Veterans in Vietnam.

2 (N)Vietnamese for the word south.
Harry says he is from Nam, he refuses to say he is from Vietnam due to the fact his allegence belongs to South Vietnam and only the South.
by Hazza September 1, 2004