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An acronym that stands for Non-Asian minority, usually used to more accurately describe a person who is referred to as a member of a minority group in mainstream media or popular discourse. It is necessitated by the general success and prosperity of Asians in the United States, who do as well or better on a host of social indicators than whites do. Thus when a media figure discusses the economic or educational struggles of a minority, he is almost always referring to a NAM, or a non-Asian minority.
"The minority income gap in the US has only gotten worse since the recession!"

"You mean the NAM income gap has gotten worse. Asians are actually doing even better relative to whites than they were before the recession."
by Audacious Epigone August 22, 2011
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you just got flipping NAMMED, now start NAMMING you fukers. NaM NaM
by NaMMMer December 29, 2018
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1. n. referring to the Vietnam War, usually in a phrase such as "back in 'Nam".
Back in 'Nam we didn't have bitches.
by disrespecting foo December 12, 2002
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1. (N)Short for the South-East Asian country Vietnam, usually used by American War Veterans in Vietnam.

2 (N)Vietnamese for the word south.
Harry says he is from Nam, he refuses to say he is from Vietnam due to the fact his allegence belongs to South Vietnam and only the South.
by Hazza September 01, 2004
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Short for "Vietnam", used by war vets usually. Also used to refer to a battle like situation.
My uncle fought in Nam.

When the car bomb exploded, it was like Nam!

This guy was walking through the streets all Nammed out, he had a machine gun, rocket launcher, and gernades!
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
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a guy who is not a jerk; a asian guy who is admired by everyone and is just a genuine badass; can be used as a adjective or noun
The new foreign exchange student became extremely popular and well-liked in only the first couple of weeks of school; his level of nam-liness surpassed his asian peers.
by Pbro-1909 February 16, 2009
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