Your best homie. You want drugs? He got em all.
Friend: Man, I’m out of cocaine
Other friend: It’s aite, Nam got our back
by Tinzer July 17, 2020
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Short for "Vietnam", used by war vets usually. Also used to refer to a battle like situation.
My uncle fought in Nam.

When the car bomb exploded, it was like Nam!

This guy was walking through the streets all Nammed out, he had a machine gun, rocket launcher, and gernades!
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
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A word used to express the period of time between meeting someone and then not seeing them again for a few years.
Hey, man! How have you been? Damn, I haven't seen you since Nam!
by Wen* January 31, 2009
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A place of drunken escapades to which there are no remaining memories the next morning.
- Oh man, what the fuck happened last night...
- We went to 'nam boys
by mrenz18 November 17, 2012
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hoooooooooomie that thinks he's cute
Woww , he's acting like a nam !
by #1 Hooooooomie June 29, 2009
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