A large brightly colored bottle used for identification purposes so that American students can find other American students while abroad. Other uses include the transportion of liquids.
"Uh, hi, I couldn't help but notice your Nalgene... so where do you go to school?"
by Estrella April 2, 2006
the best waterbottle of all time. it comes in loads of colors, and there are widemouth and small mouth bottles. the are completely indestructable...you can boil water in them, and they are bulletproof. they're kind of expensive, though.
Dude, pass me my Nalgene.
by magmag March 5, 2005
Alcohol To Go, in a Nalgene Bottle specifically NYC art students.
I am going to Nalgene It at JWT during my critique tomorrow!
by Bellabeaver November 20, 2010
n. A nearly indestructible container for beverages. Commonly made of Lexan and in a variety of sizes and colors. Favored by campers, hikers, backpackers and the like. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.
Nalgene® bottles are made in USA.
Hey Mike, toss me that Nalgene so I can fill it with vodka for the plane ride.
by Sixty Sex Spot June 30, 2002
Kick ass bottles for making bongs of
Example? Make yourself a Nalgene Bong and try it out...
by sebastiancee December 24, 2007
noun of measurement, indicating a liter of a particular liquid. From the popular liter-sized water bottle brand.
I had half a Nalgene of beer last night.
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
v. To drink an excessively large mixed drink from 1000 mL to the point when nothing remains. Often closely associated with drunk dialing and temporary psychosis.
"So, I decided to Nalgene last night, and I'm pretty sure I called my old best friend from fifth grade, as well as my grandmother. Additionally, I seem to have some unexplained bruises. Perhaps they are related to the pictures my friends took of me leaping from a roof in a cape."
by JLM and VBK May 28, 2005