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A beautiful artist who sees the world in a way in which very few do. She is that rarity. That sun kissed summer rain, the one that most search for most of their lives and never find. She's the moon, the bright orb many do not risk the darkness to appreciate the beauty of. She's the epitome of unique. The epitome of beauty, a beauty of which she is unknown to. She is laughter, the faint smell charcoal, the faintest touch of morbidity. She is the risk one should take. Lexan is the one with deep, soul searching..piercing but inviting all at once. She is a sexual being. A loving, passionate sexual being. She is extremely rad, and maybe even overlooked. You should not overlook a Lexan. Ever. She is bitey, talks in baby voices(so fucking cute), extremely intelligent, and beyond breathtaking. Lexan is a person you could never tire of. She's unpredictable, but in the best way possible.
by Issy1229 January 24, 2011
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