Simile for the verb masturbate due to the recent web cam show by a very unpopular former UK Glamour Industry employee.
I had a right good nad over those pictures in FHM
by The X-Site Guys January 21, 2007
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A word combining the words "Lad" and "Nerd". These people are similar to the common lad but more intellectual and sophisticated. They churn out Nad banter like nothing else!
Gay Jim is such a Nad.

Nad banter!
by Flurblewe July 18, 2012
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A word used to describe someone or something that is really sexy.
Wow Kevin gets all the ladies he is so nads.
by Kevin Navid February 04, 2006
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Producer of electronic multimedia equipment such as recievers, amplifiers, cd- and dvd-players. Both stereo and sorround sound. Known for combining fairly low prices with good quality. NAD was originally an acronym for "New Acoustic Dimesion". Founded 1972.
My sorround reciever is a NAD.
by Zig January 16, 2005
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Nads is an Irish slang word for balls/testicles.
Suck my nads you bitch

I’ll kick your nads in
by Depressoesspresso October 17, 2018
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Where would We Be Without them?????
Oh shit..... i think just tore my nads off with that skipping rope....
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006
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Acronym for "numerical assessment of dope skiing/snowboarding." A rating system of one to ten for determining the awesomeness of a ski run, trick, person, outfit, action, or anything that deserves a rating. This term originated at Loveland Ski Area CO. This system can be applied in any situation where a rating of dopeness may be necissary.
Example 1: *Skiier does a cork 9 over a tree*

Kane- "holy shit dude!"

Ben- "NADS rating of ten!"

Example 2: *snowboarder wipes out on a rail*

Jeff- "ooooh shiiiiiiiit!"

Jerald- "NADS rating of 1!"
by nadsman69 December 03, 2011
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