Literal meaning: Not A Dud
NAD: (1) NADs are the opposite of DUDs. NADs don't like DUDs (Duds), don't hang out with DUDs, and definitely don't want to be DUDs. NADs do what they want, have fun, party hard, and believe that we are all only young once--so live it up now!
Kate: Are you going out tonight?
Alex: No, I am going to stay home by myself and hang out with my cat while you go out with our friends to a bar have fun.
Katie: I thought you were a NAD?
Alex: I guess I am a DUD.
by Katie Schriver August 18, 2006
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Short for "gonads", a girl's balls (didn't know we've got some too, didja?) or some dudes testicles. In other words, my two best friends.
Hi, I'm (name). And before you ask, yes, I do have name for my nads. The left one is Akiyama Ishida and the right one is Yoshihiru Suzuki. If you gents are lucky you just might get to meet the both of them.
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008
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A Nad, or more commonly referred to as 'Nadding' is the act of having 40winks and can strike, without warning, at any point of the day. It is most prevalent following the consumption of a McNad, en route to work, which subsequently results in the late arrival to one's workplace. Going for a Nad/McNad is a popular pastime in the Barsha/Al Wasl region.
My word I'm exhausted....I could do with a Nad, but not before I finish my McNad.
by McNad July 01, 2014
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Not rad. The opposite of rad.
Dude, these waves suck....they are totally nad.
by Jack Murak March 28, 2007
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