Acronym for "numerical assessment of dope skiing/snowboarding." A rating system of one to ten for determining the awesomeness of a ski run, trick, person, outfit, action, or anything that deserves a rating. This term originated at Loveland Ski Area CO. This system can be applied in any situation where a rating of dopeness may be necissary.
Example 1: *Skiier does a cork 9 over a tree*

Kane- "holy shit dude!"

Ben- "NADS rating of ten!"

Example 2: *snowboarder wipes out on a rail*

Jeff- "ooooh shiiiiiiiit!"

Jerald- "NADS rating of 1!"
by nadsman69 December 03, 2011
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Nasty Anal Discharge Syndrome.
When a male releases his load once too often up his gay partners chuff. The muscles are unable to recover and the result is a dribbling orifice.

Normally leads to breaking out the sanitary towels etc..
Oh I say big boy you gone and done it now. You stretched my chocolate wizway and that going to lead to a dose of NADS. Pass the Tampons old chap ill need this lot moping up.
by The Odd One May 17, 2011
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A word to describe the ballsies of a male.
Jenna: i like nads...
Julia: i have calypso nads!
by nadslover December 05, 2011
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A Stupid person.A man who can`t get laid no matter what he does.
Example:Joe falls down the stairs at school a passer by yells "What a Nad!"

A boy asks a girl to dance with him she says "get lost Nad!"
by Sammy dude September 03, 2006
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