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(Applicable to males only)
To have been (usually unintentionally) struck very hard in the sensitive groin region, resulting in a large impact force upon the testicles. Symptoms include extreme pain between legs and doubling over, to being floored (if the impact is enough).
Nadding is highly unpleasant. Any impact which does not draw a pained reaction of some kind was not a proper nadding, but probably a near miss or was simply too light to be considered a nadding.
An intentional strike upon the sensitive area is known as a low blow
Damn! That stray ball just nadded Dave big time.
by StormtrooperDoof October 15, 2003
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to be struck with force or to put extreme pressure on the male groin.
dood:i totally nadded hat guy with a spade.

dood:owwwwww, i nadded my self on the fence!
by wesley dye November 20, 2007
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