Yiddish for joy or blessings,pride especially from ones children, grandchildren
May your new son give you much nachas in years to come
by Marnie Schwartz March 3, 2004
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Mexican Slang for Ass Cheeks. Derived from "nalgas".
Lamba mis nachas, cabron.
by Raquel Daniels July 22, 2003
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Yiddish term meaning pride or joy one feels for another's success or accomplishment, esp if one took part in the process of achieving that success
After many weeks of tutoring him, Joanne felt nachas when her little brother got an A on his math exam.
by Godsdaugther22 December 3, 2011
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My best friend, not a pussy-- LOL
She is smart, pretty, and just the cutest little girl ever!!
The most loveable person and i would go crazy without her! anyone would!
by Mitchy22096 September 25, 2011
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The line that goes down the middle of your scrotum separating your nuts, and down to your gouche.
My girlfriend has a weird fetish to lick my nacha.

I got hit perfectly in the center of my crotch and I ended up with an indent in my nacha.
by Chango y zorro March 10, 2016
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