Word in spanish with many different meanings. The real meaning is the male goat. Female is cabra and male is cabron. But slang use is far more common. Depending on countries it seems to have somehow different but similar meanings. A good definiton that would apply in almost all Spanish speaking countries would be asshole-fucker-bitch. In some places the word also means a person that is not with his partner. Example: Se fue de cabron. He went to fuck around. In this way it always has the connotation that he is looking for an affair.
Ese cabron me robo la moto.
by El Filis de la Bañeza September 5, 2004
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in the words of red hot chili peppers-
caabbrrrron, cabbrrrron, cabrrrrrrron, cabbbrrrron...
by your mom April 19, 2004
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Generally, this is an insult (though close friends can call each other 'cabron' with impunity, as long as they smile when they say it) that refers to a man cuckolded by his partner.
Hey, cabron ... got any naked pictures of your wife? You want some?
by john sullivan March 17, 2005
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The old adage is: to put the horns on, or make a cuckold of. See Shakespeare. This refers specifically to a wife cheating on her husband. The hand gesture of this is using extended fingers to mimic horns on the forehead. The infamous "goat" sign. Cabron => goat => having the horns put on.

The hand gesture is the first and fourth fingers extended, the others tucked in so as to make horns at someone. "Horned" is the term for "cuckold/cuckolded" in Latin countries where there are a gazillion jokes about poor, predestined husbands named Cornelius.

"Keras" in Greek and "cornu" in Latin were metaphors of power, strength and domination since stags, rams and bulls were all horned and showed those qualities. Later on, both "keras" and "cornu" came to be slang terms for the penis in Greek and Latin, and "corno" still is in Italian.

To put the horns on a husband is not only to be his sexual surrogate, but also to reduce him to a passive and ineffectual role.
chinga tu madre, cabron.
by changito September 23, 2005
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Means your woman has cheated/is cheating on you. It can also mean "dude", "nice" or be a generally insulting word. It can really mean anything, you can get a smile or a stab. It's all in the delivery.
That guy is a cabron. (being cheated on)
Ese tipo es un cabron (Spanish)

Hey cabron! (Hey dude)
Mira cabron (Spanish)

That damn cabron (insulting)
Ese cabron (Spanish)

Ese disco nuevo esta cabron (nice)

by tiburon April 6, 2003
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It is Spanish for Jabroni meaning fucker, foo, dude, etc.
Hey cabron, what's up with the beer?
by hypersnake November 5, 2009
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