The act of accidentally shitting on a closed toilet, spewing warm poops all over your bum, the seat, and the bathroom.
I was so embarrassed and filthy after taking a Sit 'n' Shit in my girlfriend's bathroom.
by Whinny the Poop June 29, 2010
A much more amusing thing to call Linens 'n Things, a popular linens store.
"Where are you going to buy your comforter?" "I'm headed over to Sheets 'n Shit tomorrow"
by rossignol October 8, 2008
A slang term meaning that you are currently under the influence of marijuana. Also used as an adv. Usually drawn out in the pronounciation.
Yaaaaa N Shit dude im high as a maufucka.
Hey guys im back from my aerobics class, oh my! are you guys getting "Ya N Shit"?
YaaaaaaaaNShit u got any doughnuts?
by DaCacheman February 2, 2006
When your dog, cat, friend, or other has a bad reaction to kibbles n' bits dog food.
"Damn dude, my grandma has the kibbles n' shits. Probably shouldn't have put that in her pill planner."
by Moist genitals May 21, 2019
When a dogs shit is so delicious and succulent, it’s worth a second go around. Careful for the corn kernels,
No one is quite sure what will happen to them a second time through.....
Hey man, you’re all out of dog food and you’re days from pay day.

No sweat man! My dog loves him some Kibbles N’ Shits! Wanna go to Dave and Busters?”
by Filthy fly March 3, 2019
To say sorry n' shit for being a true playa!
"you hate my everything I say sorry n' shit" TECH N9NE
by twiztidoz February 29, 2012
Usage of "Shit-n-Shit" is similar to that of the word N shit. It is just another way to end a conversation; however, using this word it is a lot funnier, plus it implies more than just N shit. (Twice as much).

Also "Shit-n-Shit" can be used to describe: items, activities, or just about anything you can use the word shit for.
Guy 1: Hey are you busy?

Guy 2: Yeah I got a lot of stuff to do.

Guy 1: Alright, have fun with that Shit-n-shit.

Guy 1: I feel like the mafia!

Guy 2: The mafia does do Shit-n-Shit like this so it is understandable.
by AGun June 17, 2010