5 definitions by Moist genitals

Have you ever walked down a hallway and found a random fresh turd.. But no one is around to claim it?

Then you, need a young priest and an old preist.. For you are haunted by a phantom shitter.
Man walks by shit.. Looks at urban dictionary and finds phantom shitter: ooohhhh!!!

Man hiding around the corner with a freshly dirty ass. : haha! I atrike again!!!
by Moist genitals May 13, 2019
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When you beat off on a turd then sneakily place it into a dish that has real dumplings.
Kid at christmas dinner table after prayer: hehehe

Grandma: these dumplings are so moist ans salty

Aunt: let me try a bite.. Yum!

Best friend: guess that cum dumpling was a hit.

Kid: Gordon ramsay would be proud.
by Moist genitals May 13, 2019
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That fucking asshole who eats cereal so aggressively as to beat the sides of the bowl, creating that unique clank sound. Damned assholes.
"Stop beating the fucking cereal bowl! You annoying bowl clanker!"
by Moist genitals May 21, 2019
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A mexican with a grand mustache shits on a persons chest, then proceeds to roll the shit downward towards the pelvis, creating a fresh streak of shit.
Mexican:Eyyy time for your mexican mudslide!!

Confused girl: is that a mixed drink?

Mexican while unbuckling thier pants: oh no my baby burrito.. This is far better.
by Moist genitals May 13, 2019
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When your dog, cat, friend, or other has a bad reaction to kibbles n' bits dog food.
"Damn dude, my grandma has the kibbles n' shits. Probably shouldn't have put that in her pill planner."
by Moist genitals May 21, 2019
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