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Vaginal Secretions; Booty Juice. Combination of Vaginal Secretions and Butthole Secretions combined to form a thick, opaque mustard-like paste. Usually forms after 2+hrs of Vaginal, Oral, and Anal intercourses. Butthole and/or Vaginal Creampies may act as a catylst of formation of Slut Mustard.
Ya-n-shit bra I was taggin dis bitch n nutted like 3 times all up in that gootyhole and dat dookie maker, when iz done she had some slut mustard fo sho, made dat bitch eat dat shit then do a line.
by DaCacheman June 28, 2009
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A slang term meaning that you are currently under the influence of marijuana. Also used as an adv. Usually drawn out in the pronounciation.
Yaaaaa N Shit dude im high as a maufucka.
Hey guys im back from my aerobics class, oh my! are you guys getting "Ya N Shit"?
YaaaaaaaaNShit u got any doughnuts?
by DaCacheman February 01, 2006
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