2 definitions by Filthy fly

To stand ass-to-ass with another person while transferring a stiff turd from one anus to another. Nougat and caramel not needed...
Hey bro, you bored? Hows about you come on over after work and we do a toblerone trade-off????
by Filthy fly February 27, 2019
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When a dogs shit is so delicious and succulent, it’s worth a second go around. Careful for the corn kernels,
No one is quite sure what will happen to them a second time through.....
Hey man, you’re all out of dog food and you’re days from pay day.

No sweat man! My dog loves him some Kibbles N’ Shits! Wanna go to Dave and Busters?”
by Filthy fly March 3, 2019
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