BobEy bitch, come spank me!
by ZupiCo May 2, 2003
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sometimes mistaken for "oh my word", really means "on my way"
Person A:HELP!
Person B:omw
Person A:thx
by useful meanings October 31, 2004
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"On My Way!" An acronym nobody used, and a bunch of nerds at apple programmed into the iphone as a feature demonstrator. So now everybody knows and uses it.
I'm omw {On my way!} autocorrected. Me, to
myself: how overly exuberant..
by AbnormalAviator December 29, 2018
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a short form of "on my way" which, if you are at a music festival and high could be mistaken for "Oh my wow!"
Katie texts "we're over by the elk tent"
Matt texts "OMW"
Katie says " I think he just said 'Oh my wow. Hes definitely high too.' "
by hostilenative August 31, 2010
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I just got asked to the prom by the hottest guy in school, omw!
by xasdfx September 2, 2003
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OMW (On MY Way)
What to text your friend when you are leaving your house to go to their house so they will be ready when you get there.
OMW-On my way.
Text: OMW
Friend text: K
by Bee K March 24, 2010
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