something to say whenever the spirit moves you. it is a reflection on 'these trying times' and dealing with same.

to get the full effect, place palms of hands on temples while saying it. -see if people don't back away!! after all, your head might be going to explode, just like the guy in the movie 'scanners'
john got pale, put his hands on his temples and kept saying my mind! my mind! -we all backed away!
by michael foolsley January 9, 2010
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Yetis on my mind is the premier track by JHAZE and YoungPhatHefner, both from Moncton, New Brunswick. It tells the tale two determined young lads who smoke their yetis with your bitches or alone. (note: Yetis are a mix of tobacco and marijuana)
Cut a snip of a smoke, pack it down with some dope, use a cig to poke, now just take a toke

It was Grade 9 when I started smokin', used to do a bit now I'm always tokin'

Fuck my asthma, fuck my lungs

I've got yetis on my mind, always smokin' on the find
by Poppin' yets November 3, 2013
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A reminder of the consequences of disrespect. The song sure to be played at the start of at least one Trump '24 election rally by a sly DJ. With apologies to the great Ray Charles.
Trump had figured Georgia as an easy mark, dim southerners he could bully for his own sad ends. He was wrong, and as he slumped onto the stage for yet another festival of untruth, the music began, and could not have held more truth. "Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind". Georgia would be forever known as his own Waterloo.
by Monkey's Dad August 15, 2023
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it's what you say when your head callaspes and there's nothing in it.
with your feet in the air
your head on the ground
try this trick
and spin it
by marooned November 1, 2004
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The ultimate Omori meme that is beautifully overuse. It is like the “why did the chicken cross the road” from Omori fans. The meme was originally a song from krypto9095 in 2019 with was a parody of the song “Murder on my Mind” by YNW Melly. However, some random person thought it would be a good idea to put a meme of Sunny thinking of his friends and Kel thinking of Burger. And of course, he had BURGERS ON HIS MIND. Even though the meme wasn’t originally really fun, since it was overuse, that became the joke. And many Omori memes will make parodies of this meme which are priceless
So you are into Omori, have you heard of burgers on my mind

Oh Kel, he’s the king of burgers on my mind
by MaddieMAC55530 October 16, 2022
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Kek ipmorx
Kel has burgers on his mind


by Shirosei October 19, 2022
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