Best omori character, don't argue with me.
He be ballin
His brain a literal ping pong ball
He's just too perfect
Person #1 "Who is your favorite character?"
Person #2 "KEL"
by KennyDraws August 19, 2021
A person who is cool. Often times like Fanta and other orange drinks. Is very friendly and is easy for them to make friends.
Person 1: Kel is so cool!

Person 2: I agree
by Kel is canon March 9, 2022
The best character in Omocat’s ‘Omori’. The brother of Hero.
Person 1: Every Kel meme is canon
Person 2: yes, every meme involving Kel is in fact, canon.
by SunnyFanboy June 29, 2021
The best person ever. Don’t even try to fucking say otherwise bitch. I’ll find you and kill you. Kel is the perfect human being.
Omg yes Kel is so cool and funny. He’s perfect
by Me😏 April 14, 2021
A way of living similar to the state of mind you get after smoking weed. A peaceful life without getting bothered by things you can't control. Also a way to refer to weed.
I like you, you're so kel.
Do you have kel?
Do you want to smoke kel?
by MartimAfonso August 1, 2020
Two shots of vodka mixed with Orangette. This libation was made famous by Kel Kimble from the 1990s hit show "Kenan and Kel." He was always fuckin' wasted. Why did you think he loved orange soda so much?
We got so sloppy with kels last night, basketball superstar Ron Harper would have surely slipped and become injured.
by Champ (Scooter) January 2, 2010