One of the recurring main characters in Adventure Time, a show from Cartoon Network. She is the Vampire Queen in the show and is one of Finn's many friends. She has a playful personality, plays guitar, and has a dad from the Nightosphere. Marceline first appeared in the episode "Evicted!" and appeared ocassionally in episodes.
Marceline only drinks the color red so you don't need to watch out.
by Stephen Daugfield November 19, 2012
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The coolest chick you will ever meet. She will take you on wild adventures that you never knew you wanted to go on. She will make your heart melt with all the joy she brings to peoples hearts. She has her friend's and family's back always and will never leave anyone behind. Just don't break a Marceline's heart or else it won't be pretty. People will try to bring a Marceline down but its only because they are jealous of how amazing she is. A Marceline will always know how to cheer up her friends the best way she knows how taking them on a adventure of wonder.
I hope everyone could have a loving and awesome person in their life like a Marceline.
by Jillygirl27 November 4, 2018
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the most precious girl to ever exist. She has the ability to make you smile even when she does the bare minimum. Anyone that has a marceline in their life is very lucky!!
"oh you're friends with Marceline?"
"yeah bro she's so perfect"
by yourmomsfavgirl_ November 22, 2021
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A girl who is extremely sweet and nice and curvy and short and cares for everyone. Marcelines name came from her aunt who was born WAYYYYYY before adventure time.
Damn marceline is so sweet lemme follow her on Instagram which her @ is isza.mara
by Black pink June 6, 2019
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(of a person) a person attempting to better themselves.

Focusing on self-improvement and growth.
Join Team Marcelin and change your life
by TeamMarcelin United March 2, 2019
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i will give marceline all the headpats while she plays her bass >:
by paddie >:[[ April 6, 2021
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