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Feed The Monkey refers to a fuelling of desire.

Usually this desire is something one doesnt want to do, but is addicted to it because of the way it makes him/her feel about himself/herself.. like getting high.. or playing poker.. or going to a strip club.

Scientifically speaking, 'feeding the monkey' is feeding the dopamine gland in the brain..
'I don't think you should break up with her just because she gives lapdances to your family members in fancy restaurants.. She's gotto feed the monkey..
by skeptikalia August 31, 2011
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When a guy looks tough, but can't really pull any weight.
dont worry about him man.. he got no flex..
by skeptikalia July 3, 2011
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When monitoring effects of psychotropic substances, a commonly used term for a level that produces a just perceptible effect is "museum level." This is a slightly-over-threshold level which allows public activities (such as viewing paintings in a museum or scenery watching as a passenger in a car) to be entered into without attracting attention.
Person 1: Are you getting the fear? think we better turn back home..
Person 2: No not yet.. Im still cruising on museum level :)
by skeptikalia April 25, 2013
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