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This word is derived from Murphy's Law (Whatever can go wrong will go wrong). If you are ever caught in a situation where nothing is going your way and this situation get exponential worse over time and there's nothing you can do about it because your girlfriends parents found out you've had sexual relations with their daughter and she found out she's pregnant and your failing school and then your kicked out of the chess club and your dad finds your stash of weed and you crash your dads car and your pet fish fluffy dies all in one day, etc...

The time component of this word is very important. All bad events that occur must happen within 24-48 hours from the first misfortune...unless you really get murphied and the time component is prolonged x hours.
Dude, i got murphied.
by Mahday March 23, 2008
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Term relating to an individual, though mostly woman, who carelessly end relationships and marriages, takes as much loot as they (she) can get, moves out, returning to live in her parent's home. Term can only be applied to individuals who have demonstrated such behaviour at least twice. (2 divorces,etc.) Terms also lends the air of the individual appearing to be saveable, when in fact, they are childish, materalistic victim and now "damaged goods".
Dude, she's back at her mom's. He totally got murphied by that bitch.
by PseudoPilot February 16, 2005
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to hook up with an ugly girl at a party and then when your friends ask you say that you didnt or dont remeber hooking up with her. You may also claim that you were too drunk when you actually didnt drink
Rob: didnt you hook up with that girl at the party last night?
James: No man that chick is mad ugly she was all over me but we didnt hook up.
Brian: wait but i heard you did?
James: No man if i did it was cuz i was hammered and i dont remember.
Rob:Dude you totally just Murphied us.
by Kelly Biglin November 24, 2010
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verb i.e. to be murphied, when someone sells you out to make you look bad in front of the opposite sex, thereby gaining an advantage for himself. Name after the tactics inventor, believed to be an irishman, from the cork area.
Person A: I was totally going to score with that hot girl until my friend came over and told her I already had a girlfriend.

Person B: He really Murphied you
by withheld, for safety reasons February 15, 2007
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You sit down on the can only to find out too late there is no toilet paper. (old school)
The last dump I took I got murphied.
by drgymy November 21, 2012
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