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When you're the person who's sitting in back with another person or persons you don't know too well or just met, and you have to entertain /talk to them. #wishiwasinthepassengerseatcuzthisisawkward
Friend 1: I'm mad at my Mike.
Friend 2: Why?
Friend 1:
Because I had to be the backseat babysitter to that random while ya'll sat in front chillin.
Friend 2: That was Brandon
Friend 1: I don't f******know him tho!
by BitchyGoose June 15, 2019
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A vehicle with 3 or more guys riding in it and no women.
*looks out window while driving* why are there so many Beefwagons on the road??
by BitchyGoose January 13, 2018
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When a person's underwear/undergarments is stuck in between their butt cheeks. Basically a wedgie.
Samantha had a Murphy after swimming a lap in the pool.
by BitchyGoose April 24, 2019
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The person staring back at you in the mirror. Yes YOU! Ie: someone who flings crap
Du bist ein kotschleuder. Sie ist ein kotschleuder. Wir sind alle kotschleuder! Ja!
by BitchyGoose January 17, 2018
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That disgusting shit under yout nails after you've been scratching your head. A combination of dead skin, dandruff, sweat and hair product buildup.
Eew! whats that white gunk under my fingernails?!“
“That's scalp cheese. Time to wash your hair. Seriously“
by BitchyGoose February 20, 2017
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to be unsuccessful in an endevour i.e. To really "fuck up"
"Sara really Fot up that cake recipe she saw on Pinterest."

"I don't Trust James with my car because he'll just Fot it up."
by BitchyGoose August 07, 2018
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a forceful exhalation of air from a persons mouth, done usually when irritated/frustrated or tired.
The person behind me in line was blowing because he was so impatient.
After running a mile nonstop, I had a side cramp and I was blowing from over exertion.
by BitchyGoose December 04, 2018
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