To have sex with a dead body, when at the point of orgasm another person jumps onto the belly of the corpse, causing its innards to squirt out all over your cock.
Let's find a dead lady so we can have a good, old fashioned munting
by Dave November 24, 2003
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(man + cunt = MUNT)
A man who acts like a girl; half their age. (EG: Mannerisms of a 32 year old man would be that of a 16 year old girl) Being fashionable image is more important to them than adult responsibilities. A self-absorbed, superficial man who acts like a little girl.
"Phil has more shoes and accessories than my wife!." "What a munt!"

by Super Chet November 24, 2006
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the munt was bitching because he fucked up his copier.
by valvespout August 04, 2005
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A contraction for Man Bunt.
A man bunt is when a male kickball player bunts.
This is looked down upon as m'unters are considered weak, pussies, sallys. M'unters are not respected.
John m'unted in a desperate attempt to get on base.
by Albart May 26, 2006
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n. A scrotumless male with the emotional and mental cognizance of a cunt; inability to maintain a decided course of action; manifested visions of grandiose and self importance coupled with flat affect - similar to sociopaths.

v. - mun-ty - irrational and illogical male behavior synonymous with hormonal females
Damn, girl, that guy is a total munt.
by mobeth April 20, 2010
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