An oscillation of sound that causes the bowels to loosen. The brown noise is believed to be ninety-two cent below the lowest octave of E flat.
Johnny played the brown noise and crapped his pants.
by billardson January 06, 2003
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The brown noise was discovered by the french, and tested as a weapon during WWII. It is a a 12 - 14 Hz sound wave that, when played loud enouch, relaxes your sphincter, causing loss of bowl control.
by DARqCHILD August 20, 2003
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it is an e-flat note from the recorder that allows the bowels to loosen (in other words crap your pants)
it was used in world war 2
"the brown noise was used to piss people off by shitting themselves"
by Fiona Moore-O'toole March 09, 2005
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Unlike the "Brown Note", The Brown noise is the sound that comes from a female as a penis is inserted into her anus with no warning, the sound can very from ooooo, to ahhh!, to "what the fuck are you doing!?! oww!!!" (this maneuver can also be preformed to a streaking male that has been spotted by a randy homosexual.)
"That bitch made me watch The OC and fucking cuddle... so that night I heard the brown noise... it was swearing followed by hysteric crying."
by Your Canadian Hero May 22, 2010
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A note that is ninety-two octaves below B-flat. Hearing the brown noise makes people have an uncontrolable urge to shit their pants. The brown noise was once used in a episode of South Park.
''Hey man, did you hear about the musician who accidentally played the brown noise? Yeah, the entire audience shit their pants.''
by sixstringwoman072 January 19, 2005
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Noise showing a random walk behavior, as in Brownian motion. It has a 1/f^2 frequency spectrum. It has nothing to do with crapping your pants. Try learning some physics....
You guys are retarded for thinking a brown noise can make you crap your pants.
by Ryan October 19, 2004
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