He budda my sista got mutharox of the mundi
by Joog April 17, 2008
Used to describe the state of having one of your Tweets replied to by a user with 6 or 7 Tweets of his or her own.

Named in honor of Twitterer Justin Mundie, whose proclivity toward verbose replies spread over several Tweets led to the coining of the term.

Also forms the basis for the "reverse Mundie"
Me: "Woah, Phil, have you seen your list of @ replies?!? That Justin guy really went to town replying to your statement about taxes!"

Phil: "Yeah, I totally got Mundied on that one."
by gregkb April 15, 2010
When you’re out on the town emptying five litre jugs of beer into your throat hole to the point of total oblivion and you become relegated to an evening of being flaccid from the neck down.

Laser beam vomiting and impromptu scuba diving experiences often go hand in hand with being Mundied.
“Boys! I’ve got a pocket full of ponies but no chance of a stallion in my pants! I’m absolutely Mundied!”
by DarmoSalarmo July 25, 2019
modern version of fabl(s) and fabl characters. And this is the Fables' slang term for normal humans citizens, their technology, or the world itself. They are not part of any fairy tales, and apart from a very few cases, the Mundies are generally unaware of the existence of the Fables and magic in general.
I'm a mundy version of Prince Charming (this is for you, girls)
by farf123 June 26, 2014
When you pull your pants all the way up, so as to hide your underwear specifically to avoid judgement or assumptions from society or law enforcement
the mundies are showing bruh, better hide that
you don't put the mundies away they gonna judge
by ianofaustin October 19, 2020
an adjective used to describe someone who is fat, stupid, unathletic, clumsy, or overall just a degenerate
person 1: Yo man, I just found a piece of pizza from the garbage but I rolled my ankle on a rock and dropped it.
person 2: What the fuck dude, you're a fucking mundy.
by Bim Skarda November 27, 2017
A professional athlete, predominately black. Used for fantasy sports.
“That Mundy better be getting it together or they’ll all be sent to the waiver wire!”
by TimmyRog November 16, 2021