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an adjective used to describe someone who is fat, stupid, unathletic, clumsy, or overall just a degenerate
person 1: Yo man, I just found a piece of pizza from the garbage but I rolled my ankle on a rock and dropped it.
person 2: What the fuck dude, you're a fucking mundy.
by Bim Skarda November 27, 2017
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modern version of fabl(s) and fabl characters. And this is the Fables' slang term for normal humans citizens, their technology, or the world itself. They are not part of any fairy tales, and apart from a very few cases, the Mundies are generally unaware of the existence of the Fables and magic in general.
I'm a mundy version of Prince Charming (this is for you, girls)
by farf123 June 26, 2014
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Term used to describe a great police dog. A dog that can detect drug before he even gets out of the police car.
Once the cop got the police dog out I knew we were Mundyed!
by BaileyRPD June 10, 2009
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A term used for a person who is disliked by many, someone who is a complete waste of space and should not exist in the current world. originated by the noun "Monday", because who fucken likes Monday?
Look at Sam, the fucken Mundy.
Yeah, Righto Mundy...
by Jimmybwhiskee June 11, 2016
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Originally named Hayden, this creature has transpired into a booze and substance fiend who is always seeking for a buzz of some sort. Through his childhood he had many interactions with fellow acquaintance Jen which had shaped him to be the specimen he is today. On the graph of this young Knights life he has only partially completed his quest, however his Fucked Level Graph (FLG) has an unlimited Domain and Range. Some positive attributes of a Mundy include; great hair and stone jaw, academically gifted and athletically advanced (when he beat a much faster inhabitant of earth in a foot race). some common Mundy sayings are "douhhhh", "woah" "are you kidding me" & "perma" If playing World of Warcraft I personally would not recommend you pick Mundy has your first choice as who to be.
To turn on Mundy's light you have to pull a string which is attracted to a roof.
To turn on Mundy's light, offer him a busted up caffeine pill.
wow that Mundy is a great character with Expert speed attributes
by jenn42069 October 30, 2017
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