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The area or patch of skin between one's genitalia and anus. For a male, it would start at the "bottom" of the scrotum, and for a female it would be the bottom lip of their vagina.

Often associated with the "worst of both worlds", the munder harbors the worst smells concocted by natural human odor. In the act of sex, forcing a lover's face onto one's munder is considered a power-play, and a means of control.

Munder is also used as a term to describe filth, stench, or general uncleanliness.
Man, that chick just smelled like an unwashed munder!

I call those munder tactics!

Did you see that? He actually pulled off the "Under-Arm Munderclutch!"
by tehlesia February 06, 2007
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Small or below average scrotums. Balls that are not accurate in size and shape. It can be used to talk down about someones genitals or you can use the word as a put down.not reffered to as a wiener or shaft.
shut up munder face!
by egyptians September 17, 2011
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