Inserting drugs or having someone insert drugs into your body through your anus. Better experience is allowing someone to blow the substance inside you with a straw.
I had Stover blow cocaine in my ass last night to achieve the best high. Hit her up...she's boofing everyone!
by sniffthatshit86 February 11, 2017
The act of smirkingly perjuring oneself before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.
Dude, Kavvy just told them a Devil's Triangle is a drinking game. Classic boofing!!
by downtownjohnson September 28, 2018
Common slang term used for anal sex in the 1980's. More recently used to describe the act of inserting drugs ( most often tab form or powdered ecstasy) through the anus to more quickly enter the blood stream, also referred to as "thumbing" or "booty popping"
Sexual : Last night, my friends and I were boofing Molly!
Drug use: Last night, my friends and I were boofing Molly!
by Pauly2Bags October 4, 2018
The act of inserting drugs into your anus for a much stronger trip, even though it's named like a synonym for farting.
Brett, we googled what boofing means, the definition conflicts with your testimony.
by RhettHut September 30, 2018
1. Inserting drugs or alcohol into one's anus in an attempt to absorb the drugs faster and harder.
2. A way to get free drugs (It's always free if you boof it)
3. Flatulence???
I was boofing all night long.

Why not just do drugs the normal way and not up your ass?

What are you talking about? Boofing is flatulence

Nobody calls farting boofing, you're an idiot, and you need to work on a better diet.
by DJ Keither October 6, 2018
Slang native to the Washington DC area, describing when a woman's vagina may not be P.H. Balanced, therefore resulting in her pussy having a rather pungent odor.
(EX) Person 1: Wassup Son, I saw you leave the club with that broad last night, did you fuck her?

Person 2: he'll nah son, she was boofing like shit.
Her pussy smelled like Zoo Dirt.
by @41ZoneEnt March 2, 2013
gerund or present participle: Boof

1. The act of smelling putrid

2. The act of expelling or reaking a airbourne gas/vapor from one's body which is to the average human "Smelly" or "Disgusting"
Ayo move over, George is extra "boofing" today.
I was walking behind the thicc girl but then she boofed right in front of me, she smelled like tuna and shit.
by HerpesSpreader March 18, 2018