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An extreme political position that generally advocates for larger governments with broader intervention and increased taxes for the middle income to rich. Generally, advocates of all-inclusive welfare policies and social policies. Left wingers are protectionist with respect to trade policies and globalisation in general.
Jill: Was the russian experiments under Lenin and Stalin considered left wing because the government at the time disallowed freedom of speech and press?

Joe: Partly. The fact that all industry was nationalised, completely nullifying any private sector innovation contributed to the philosophy as well. The results were extreme poverty and loss of hope and motivation for the society at large.
by Ashley Elizabeth May 24, 2005
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1. A word used by left wing radicals in an attempt to defame globalisation and paint corporations as inheritantly evil.

2. A fancy word used by left wing and environmental radicals to attack and deface private business.

3. Someone in favour of supporting bigger governments with larger tax-payer funded public services.
The multinationals are responsible for taking my small community and making it bigger.

Multinationals only consider their own profit-driven interests.

Multinationals are stripping us of our identity as a society.
by Ashley Elizabeth May 24, 2005
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A ridiculous comparision. Conjoining contradictory terms.
Example of Oxymoron
Unjust Law
Tax Return
Airline Food
Alone Together
Taped Live
Peace Force
Anarchy Rules
Affordable Housing
by Ashley Elizabeth October 26, 2005
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