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1) The idea that we can live alongside people from other cultures and accept them as they are, as opposed to excluding minorities or forcing them to assimilate into clones of us. Currently, it seems to have replaced the antiquated idea of the melting pot. It leads to more knowledge of and respect for other languages and cultures. Knowing more than English is now considered cool for the first time.

2) Aside from its actual, benign meaning, it usually a code word for reactionary rednecks. The talk radio hosts say 'multiculturalism' and all the listeners go, "Aha! Someone who agrees with me in politics!"
"Multiculturalism is destroying America! It will make us into another Third World country! We don't need-

"Dude, I know you're jealous because I aced Spanish and you failed, but please quit parroting Michael Savage for decency's sake."
by spinningtabletop January 15, 2009
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