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True multiculturalism is humans living among their own kind in their own land which creates a culture over time. Our separate cultures make humans multicultural. Humans created this by naturally separating ourselves and by being different. This multiculturalism is an instinctive ideology that humans should respect.

The "multiculturalism" forced upon White Nations is a con. It's a Marxist ideology designed to fail and destroy. The con is that the definition of multiculturalism has been changed in our minds to mean multiple cultures living among each other in the same place. This is the antithesis of true multiculturalism. This fake multiculturalism actually destroys cultures. It should be called UNICULTURALISM. It's a blending of cultures which just creates confusion and uncertainty for humans and if it were to spread to all nations in the end we will have ONE culture.
It's 2015 now and multiculturalism has effectively done it's job and destroyed white nations.
by nukematic January 13, 2015
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Multiculturalism is a marxist ideology designed to ethnically cleanse European derived peoples by promoting the massive 3rd world invasion of Europe, United States, Canada, and Australia.
Multiculturalism leads to racial tension and may erupt into a racial conflict once the racial spoils system breaks down. For example - multiculturalism is in full swing in California. Blacks and Hispanics are engaged in a violent racial struggle in Los Angeles
by Alan Segal December 24, 2007
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The idea that we can live alongside people from other cultures and accept them as they are (unrealistic expectations, completely disrespectful to the host country, defeating the purpose of emigrating from your home country), as opposed to excluding minorities or forcing them to assimilate into clones of us (which is what every sane country that DOESN'T suffer from ethnic violence does) .

Currently, it seems to have replaced the antiquated idea of the melting pot (also a stupid idea that no one ever took seriously) . It leads to more knowledge of and respect for other languages and cultures ( in the same way that forcing kids to study subjects they're not interested in teaches them to appreciate school, amirite?).
Sensible person: Multiculturalism just doesn't make sense, the entire world is full of ethnic strife and violent cultural rivalries that can't be contained by the largest oceans and most vast continents. Wouldn't throwing all of these groups into one country just mimic the global situation on a domestic scale?

Fucking idiot: you be a racisss 'n shit
by simmerd00m February 08, 2013
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A leftist Marxist political code word for "wipe out Whitey". Multiculturalism is the state religion of all countries that are predominately White. Liberals have no problem with countries like Japan or Nigeria being racially solid, but all White countries NEED diversity!
(An American family driving through London, England)

Kid: Mom, I thought we were in England, this looks like Pakistan!

Mom: You're so insensitive you obviously know nothing about multiculturalism!!
by savewhites July 06, 2009
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A leftist Marxist ideology designed to wipe out the Caucasian race. Multi-culturalists have no problem with Nigeria being solidly black, Mexico being solidly Hispanic, Saudi Arabia being solidly Arabic, or China being solidly East Asian. But they believe that all predominantly Caucasian countries such as Europe, Russia, America, Canada, & Australia need to be as racially diverse as possible until Caucasian people are a discriminated minority.

I live in Texas & being American I cannot complain about multi-culturalism here destroying our culture without some troll telling me that multi-culturalism created our society, that Islamists & Mexican drug dealers are more American than me, & that me & all the white people should move back to Europe & give our houses & buildings to the few Native Americans left.
European immigration created our country, not multi-culturalism!
*A European family drives through the state of Texas*

Kid-"Mom are we in Africa or Mexico? I thought Texas was a white patriotic redneck state."

*A Texan visits Europe to get away from the multi-culturalism of Texas & visit their Caucasian homeland*

Texan-"Wait I thought I was visiting Europe so I can be with my own people. Back in Texas I have people telling me all the time to move back to Europe & give my house to a Native American. Well Im back where I came from, now where are my people? All I see is a bunch of Islamists, blacks, Indians, & Asians."
by SlashinatorX October 28, 2011
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