town/village in County Donegal, Ireland. One of the most northerly towns on the island of Ireland although it is in the south! c.f. political situation in Northern/Ireland. It is on a peninsula and belive it or not diving is popular!
You fellas goin divin in Muff this weekend?
by marcu November 06, 2005
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This word is widely known as another word for a vagina. ALTHOUGH this definition states that the word muff is a shortened form of saying "motherfucker."
I'm fresher than a muff.

You're such a muff.

I'm tired of these muffing snakes on this muffing plane.
by SlamminMuff69 April 26, 2011
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a muff is a Mandatory Ugly Fat Friend
all hot girls have a muff friend and the hotter the girl the bigger the muff shes with
damm that girl is sexy but ewwww look at her muff

dan.w rocks lol
by dan.j.washington January 24, 2009
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the act of palming someones head in your hand and throwing their face in disrespect in the fullest. the best sort of muff is if the victim falls to the floor
did you see that, dennis just got fucking muffed like a bitch!!!
by silent dreamer March 31, 2008
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- noun, verb, adjective, pronoun

-noun: a muff is an adorable muffin-like girl.
-verb: 1. to muff- to engage in muff-like activities.

2. to take part in a time consuming, very enjoyable activity that is usually seen as unproductive.
-adjective:- muffy: muff-like, precious, humorous when
used in this manor the word muff is taken as a compliment by most
-pronoun: the adorable muffin-like person or figure being
Examples of muff:

-noun: Muff is standing by Marcel the shell with shoes on.
-verb: 1.Yesterday, instead of doing my homework, I got my muff on.
2.While Avery read aloud to the class, I was - completely muffed out.
3.On Monday of last week I was muffing when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.
4. I muffed hardcore last weekend.
-adjective: Today Avery saw a muffy girl wearing elephant boxers scampering down the road.
-pronoun: I was thinking muff was going to make me CD
with all of muff's favorite jams on it.
by muffmuff69 October 27, 2010
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