abbreviation for ridiculous, used on its own or in combination with other abbreviations such as "totes" or "cray cray"
omg, last night was so rinks
by sista8 April 24, 2010
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An alarmingly young looking man who receives great attention from your local neighborhood GILF.
GILF 1: "I got my talons on another Rinke last night!"

GILF 2: "I hope my next one doesn't want to many PS3 games."
by qwer1234) January 10, 2011
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1. being very cocky

2. to screw things up

3. to butt in to others conversations

4. to copy or imitate cooler kids than himself/herself (everyone)
A kid is wearing a backwards hat with a puffy coat in nice weather and walking with a fake swagger.

Much cooler kid: dude your really rinkin it man
by Dickie V November 22, 2009
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To shove, or have shoved, an ice cube into ones anus.
I tried rinking just now, and my anus is still numb from the experience.
by rinkmaster February 12, 2015
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Rink is used to say to some one they smell horrible and need to take a shower
by Mr.joemoma December 9, 2019
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to glide imperterbably around an ice surface using knee action, facial projection, as well as perfect posture.
The whole synchronized skating team was beautifully rinking around the ice, while Anne was STRUGGLING to deceifer between Holly's fat lip or a cold sore on her face.
by doctorLee February 23, 2012
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