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abbreviation for ridiculous, used on its own or in combination with other abbreviations such as "totes" or "cray cray"
omg, last night was so rinks
by sista8 April 24, 2010
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1. being very cocky

2. to screw things up

3. to butt in to others conversations

4. to copy or imitate cooler kids than himself/herself (everyone)
A kid is wearing a backwards hat with a puffy coat in nice weather and walking with a fake swagger.

Much cooler kid: dude your really rinkin it man
by Dickie V November 21, 2009
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A combonation of 'reek' and 'stink'. Mostly used by people who cannot make up their mind.
John: Dude, your laundry rinks!
Tom: Well I haven't washed it yet, meathead.
by PalindromicAnna September 09, 2007
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To rink means to decide not to do your work after work.
I had an eight-hour day at the daily grind, i'll just rink when I get home.
by jacob January 14, 2005
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A person with an extremely tight approach to the game of texas hold’em, only playing premium hands such as AA or AK (and QQ when pot-committed). These players have the tendency to end all sentences in high pitched voices with their index finger waving in the crisp Canadian air.
“whoa big bet out of the corner!...yeah, I want to call, but the guys a real Rink so I think I have to lay down my Jacks.”

Note: These players are as easy to read as a coloring book.
by DR604 May 31, 2005
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The slurred pronounciation of the word 'drink' which occurs after many such drinks, well on the way to intoxication.
Bob: "I've had two jugs and I can't feel a thing, gaining this tolerance is going to make getting drunk a costly task."

Phillip: "Stop talking and 'ave another 'rink!"
by haazy March 30, 2011
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