15 definitions by orgabulator

member of the simpsons forum who felt he should be a part of TDC cos he's a sheep. doesn't actually possess any intelligence or personality, but instead leeches off everyone else's. thinks he's far more mature than he actually is, and underneath is just a n00b that can spell (yes, i'm aware of the "thank you captain obvious" factor of that comment). is friends with the most stupid of people: see strangergoat, ricket, flaaron and spoonabula
dilbert08: i think maybe i should go and join those n00bs over there, i would have a lot in common with them. maybe i'll ask them to join TDC like me!
by orgabulator June 7, 2004
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Regular, lemon flavoured, lemonade, mixed with strawberry flavoured drink.
"Lemonade isn't sweet enough. I need the double sweetness of Pink Lemonade"
by orgabulator November 2, 2005
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an idiot, after AFL player Sav Rocca, who is a complete half-wit
"awww, you just tripped over, you sav!"
by orgabulator June 5, 2004
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A girl (usually a slut) who is willing to bonk a guy after he buys her one drink. Girl may also be a cadbury
"That girl is such a whore.. she bonked this dude she met last night and all he had to do was buy her a drink"
"What a hole-in-one"
by orgabulator June 3, 2004
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1. A place which is far away from any place which is deemed to be inhabitable by the human species.
2. AKA "Dawson's Creek"
3. A place you can be when you find yourself in a troublesome position..usually floating without the aid of a paddle
1. I wanna go to the party, but it's out near bloody shit creek
2. I wanted to watch TV but my sister was watching shit creek
3. Oh, I just ran over nan's cat..now I'm up shit creek without a paddle
by orgabulator June 3, 2004
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"Woah! That Menzian is driking moat water!!"
by orgabulator May 26, 2004
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The function (graph) which depicts the pleasure vs time of a female multiple orgasm, often brought on by a prolonged foreplay session
Last night was amazing, I'll draw you an orgabula
by orgabulator May 17, 2004
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