A girl who loves sunflowers.Has black long hair,wears plain clothing.Married to school and loves family and friends.
I bet her name is Charlote she mostly has that eye on her book.
by boredsoyeah May 17, 2011
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Named after it's inventor, Charlotte, "Charlotting" refers to performing the act of cunninglingus from a sideways position. Works well on women who like their legs closed to orgasm - and there have been reports of "Charlotting" helping women orgasm for the first time (as well as multiple times). It is definitely worth trying this technique and spreading the word.

Also known as "Kivin".
As she closed her legs and arched her back - she moaned "Oh, Steve, Charlotte me!"

"I've never cum so hard as when Steve was Charlotting me!"
by bainsteven81 June 24, 2019
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Is the motion of getting ghosted by a Charlotte
The boys: hey Kiyah how did your date go with Charlotte?
Kiyah: yeah it went really well, shes stunning! But I got Charlotted the next day.
by charlie young September 19, 2019
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The action of someone getting their dick/cock chopped off in one clean swipe
The Karen had seen, enough someone was going to get charlotted or someone was going to get a charlotting
by The wood chopper November 11, 2020
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Person 1: I spoke to Charlot yesterday..

Person 2: Don't you mean Charlotte?

Person 1: Oh yeah, STUPID mistake, hey?
by Suue De Nymm June 22, 2011
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1. Person who believes Brazil is superior to the United states even thought their economy ranks under that of California and doesnt want to move back.
2. Person who suffers under the delusion that bullshit shoud be pronounced BOW SHEIT, and fuck that Fock DAT.
3. Person whos practice of Brazilain magic allows their breasts to defy gravity.
Holy fuck, that charlot in Rio motorboated the shit outa me.
by Bumhugger June 20, 2014
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