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Muda is a term used in the japanese language that means "futile" or "useless"

(za warudo)
Sono amarini mo okurete anata wa katamukeru koto ga dekimasen m u d amyu d amyu d amyu d amyu d amyu d a oraora oraora oraoraoramudamudamudamuda 7-byō ga keika shita
by kaijucakes April 06, 2017
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Japanese for "useless" or "futile" they both mean the same.

Repeating the word while overhwelming an hopeless enemy with rapid attacks became a fad on the internet with a flash animation that is based on the PlayStation game Jojo's Bizzare Adventure that is also an Japanese anime.

Sometimes spelled "mudah."

Also see ora and WRYYYYYY.
During his famous "Road Roller Da" attack Dio Brando drops a hugeass steamroller on his opponent, screams the famous "WRYYY" shout (though originally he just laughs) and punches the steamroller, crushing it more on the enemy shouting "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!" repeatedly, resulting in total ownage.
by Z-Shadow-Z November 04, 2008
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Muda is an interjection and swedish slang for vagina. The word has it's roots in the word "mutta" which basicly means the same thing
That's quite a MUDA you got there! or Yestoday I met this girl with the most incredible MUDA!, it's also in the swedish language commonly used as a curse resembling "fuck" or "hell"
by Sture Olofsson June 18, 2006
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