Person one: Ugh. I haven't pawed in so long.

Person two: Then go!
by yoniz2 May 28, 2005
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The past tense of "pee" meaning to urinate, piddle, whiz, or piss. Similar to the past tense of "see" being "saw", and "peed" being an improper way to change to the past tense.
Dude, last night in the middle of all that beer pong, i paw like 80 times in loui's kitchen sink.
by Keith "spoon" Paddeu July 22, 2007
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A girl/fan who is in love with Paul from "Boys Like Girls"-guitar, Alex from "All Time Low" -singer ,and Will from "Cartel"-singer at the same time
Michelle faith is so in love with P.A.W
by michelle faith February 23, 2008
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1. padded feet of certain animals cats have paws
2. a nickname given to a room host
3. someone hitting a friend in a friendly manner
1. 'oh no tinker cut his paw'
2. 'hey paws is your room open?'
3. alan pawed jamie
by Paws February 11, 2006
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