Dear Paw, I'll be home soon. Don't warn mom.
by etzelet September 4, 2010
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1. padded feet of certain animals cats have paws
2. a nickname given to a room host
3. someone hitting a friend in a friendly manner
1. 'oh no tinker cut his paw'
2. 'hey paws is your room open?'
3. alan pawed jamie
by Paws February 12, 2006
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PARENTS ARE WATCHING.. Can be used for any online chat.
BILL987: I was so fucking drunk
TOM089: haha
TOM089: Good job on your math test.
by SapMaster December 11, 2003
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Noun: The foot of an animal, usually a mammal.
Verb: Scrape with a paw.
1Cats always land on their paws.
2The dog pawwed at the soft earth.
by Rgb October 22, 2003
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1. someone's hand

2. to touch or feel someone in a sexual way without their consent

3. to touch someone too much, sexual or not
His big paw could have crushed hers easily.
by Light Joker December 26, 2006
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parents are watching, used on online chats to make sure no one says anything inappropriate while the parents are watching
jane193: julia was so out of it last night. we had to carry her home xD

billy572: paw

jane193: hey, what was the answer to question 14 on the biology test today?
by dog-called-bambi August 17, 2008
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The act of lightly brushing someone's face with your hand, as a cat would when expressing endearment. Usually done in person without the word description, or emoted in online chat.
P1: I love you, boo!
P2: I love you too, baby! *paw*
by Aaron Clements January 20, 2005
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