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This is a second rate lending institution like Household Finance or the Lending Tree. They approve people with sub level credit rating and charge very high interest rates. Many companies use these lenders to provide down payments for homes, cars or anything on terms when the customer has no cash. They approve the purchaser's loan the day of the main loan. This keeps them off the credit search so it will not affect their rating from the 3 credit reporting agencies.
"Bob needs 20% down on the loan to get approval so you will have to take him to the mouse house to get him "dipped".

" This guy wants the car but he is upside down on his trade and so we need to mouse house him to show equity for the loan."
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
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local slang term for the Disney World Resort in Orlando.
Damn I gotta go home and get some sleep. I got to go to work at the Mouse House tomorrow!
by Yostiemonster February 01, 2006
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