A carnival attraction frequenting Germany's cities. Food, alcohol and thrill rides abound for a full day of excitement. There is also a 'witches village' for people interested in medieval-themed entertainment and free mead tasting.

Popular destination for: tourists; young people gathering for their first mixed-gender experimental social encounters; and families on family day (Wednesday). Family day features cheaper prices for the little'uns.
Q1:Where can we go to get outrageously kaylied in public without loitering or seeming exceptionally obnoxious, right next to the train station?
Q2:Where can I take the kids to give my partner the impression of wanting to bond, whilst still being able to get shit faced?
A= the Dom.
by w82concerned May 15, 2011
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Dom Dom is a word to call someone who puts peanut butter on their dick to get it licked off by an animal (usually a dog but can be another animal likes cats)
Charlie: Dude that guy is a Dom Dom
Madison: I know what a freak
by Thebadgerwadger February 7, 2019
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A pot-smoking, brown haired, young girl obsessed with young men that have brown hair and play DDR.
I think she is a Dom dom because she needs to stop obsessing over Robert.
by Robert March 13, 2004
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a verb, meaning to be dominated, or to have dominated someone - often used in BDSM context

It can be used to imply physical S&M domination (for example, with a crop cane or flogger) or it can be used to imply a mental domination (for example a dominant issuing verbal orders to a submissive)

derivation is from 'Dom' which is just a shortened version of 'Dominant'

dommed can be used for male or female, giving or receiving.
The countess dommed three men at the fetish club last night
by cave_canem October 26, 2009
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n. Short for "Dominant." The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.
She's looking for a dom who has knowledge of tying complicated knots.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 17, 2003
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hottest mf to ever walk the planet!!! so hot. 10/10. so pretty. would fuck. so in love w him. best bff/bf. gonna marry that boy!!!
dom is sopheia’s bf and he is so lucky to have her bc she is so hot
by ragstain February 9, 2022
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a nickname for Dominic the sexiest man alive or to ever exist on this planet making eye contact can cause you to faint or go weak in the knees hes a short guy with great skin complexion this guy can have sex with any female on the planet it's hard for him to work or go somewhere because there's a female or females always trying to or having sex with him
Wow Dom what the fuck

It can be a blessing or a curse bro either way somebody's getting satisfied though
by Miao tai chi July 4, 2019
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