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1) A highway system in Germany that generally doesn't have a speed limit.

2) Something American drivers with sports cars wish they had.
I live in the USA and I have a Lamborghini that can go 200 mph but I can only 70 mph, wish I lived in Germany so I can drive to work at 200 mph on the Autobahn instead of 70.
by SFOBIRT July 22, 2010
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The ultimate speedsters highway, located in Germany. Unfortunately, in the USA the average driver is a less skillful driver than the average driver in Germany, and that's not an insult but a result of the USA's relatively easy driver's education programs and requirements. On the other hand, in Germany getting a driver's license is much harder and requires a lot more practice. So it makes sense that in the US you can't speed as much as you want except in a few isolated places like Montana or Nevada perhaps.
In Germany, the autobahn is not as dangerous as one might assume. The autobahn has many lanes, with one or two lanes dedicated as the fast, no-limit lanes, and at least one lane dedicated for the slowpokes.

Seeing that Germany produces many awesome sports cars and speed demons, like the BMW M3 and M5, the Mercedes SL lineup, and the Porsches, it comes as no surprise that the autobahn exists over there.
by Adel7 September 09, 2007
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1. "Autobahn" is the German word for motorway, the road system found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Though there is no official speed limit, there is a recommended one, which is of about 130 km/h (80 mph). In Germany, the official name for the autobahn is Bundesautobahn, or, when translated into English, Federal Motorway. Autobahns are maintained by the federal government. Orginally called Reichsautobahn (Imperial Motorway), the first Autobahn was completed in 1931, a road between Cologne and Bonn.

2. "Autobahn" is a song by the German band Kraftwerk, composed in 1974 by Florian Scheider and Ralf HΓΌtter, with Emil Schult collaborating on the lyrics. The original version of Autobahn is over 22 minutes long, but was editted down to 4 when it entered the Top 40 charts in the USA and other countries. The original song can be found on Kraftwerk's album, Autobahn.
1. "I am driving down the Autobahn, going 90 mph."
2. "Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, Weisse Streifen, gruener Rand."
by Ulla July 04, 2007
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The autobahn is the german word for highway. On the most german autobahn roads is no speedlimit, u are allowed to drive as fast as u like. It usually has 3 lines on each side.
Im driving on the autobahn.
by killom November 04, 2004
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German for freeway. The God of all freeways. There will never be a speed limit. A great place to push your ride to the limit.
I drove on the Autobahn the other day. I went 295 mph.
by Macho Prieto June 02, 2015
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Speeding ground for porsche/bmw/mercedes test drivers and angry british motorists.
Yo geit offen mein rod ya?
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
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1.german highway

2.wheel Company for skateboards
1:get on the autobahn and go at frickin' 90mph! its legal!

2:dude,where did you get those autobahns? they're sick!
by R3a5onableD0ubt July 22, 2008
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