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instead of shit say poo
like bull-poo, poo head, or this poo is cold
by D. Hine October 10, 2003

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a man's pride. his chunk of meat hanging down between his legs.
Put that Pork Sword away this minute! ur gonna have somebody's eye out with it!
by D. Hine November 19, 2003

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the tiny little hole on the end of your penis in which you pee out of
if you don't shut up, i'm gonna stick this cocktail stick right down your japseye!
by D. Hine September 15, 2003

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bum hole
if the river flows red, take the dirt track instead
by D. Hine October 13, 2003

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to be gagging for cock in mouth, or to be rammed from behind with a nice stiff cock
miss west was so cock hungry, she ran into assembly, pulled down a year 7 students cacks, and shoved their cock right up her jacksie!
by D. Hine October 21, 2003

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the fluid that oozes from a cat if you squeeze it hard enough
You thought this was going to be dirty, didn't you! Sick bastard.
by D. Hine November 24, 2003

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when ur taking the girl up the stinker, and u cum in her ass & she farts! voila! u have but flem
by D. Hine September 16, 2003

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