17 definitions by D. Hine

a place where a guy farts after he comes outta the curry house at 12 at night!
by D. Hine October 9, 2003
the fluid that oozes from a cat if you squeeze it hard enough
You thought this was going to be dirty, didn't you! Sick bastard.
by D. Hine November 24, 2003
a bunch of rad dudes, who are the most feared in surrey.
Dude, is that =cc=, a member of the X-claims?
I think so. the x-claim crew give the columbian cartel a run for their money!
by D. Hine September 18, 2003
a 2 ft irish teachers who we had for biology, who gave us 30 mins to write th date & tite down
Mr Mcree: It's been 30 mins, has everyone got the title down?
Class: No, not yet sir!
by D. Hine September 16, 2003
another word for "spunk" or "gentlemen's juice"
david blaine hajed all over his glass box, as he was bored and had nothing else to do.
by D. Hine October 12, 2003
the tiny little hole on the end of your penis in which you pee out of
if you don't shut up, i'm gonna stick this cocktail stick right down your japseye!
by D. Hine September 15, 2003