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Abbreviation for "Daredemo Daisuke", if you're weeb enough, you'd know this roughly translates to "It doesn't matter who it is, I love them".

The "Hell" part of this term refers to the situation of being stuck essentially trying to simp to several individuals only to find it very demanding as most of their money goes missing due to the endless mount of merchandise. Not to mention most events don't match up to a their schedule, forcing someone in DD Hell to choose who's the better option. When compared to someone who simps for just one or two people, the crater in their wallets and how well they slept should give a decent description on who's stuck in DD Hell.

A very good example is someone who finds themselves falling into the vtuber rabbit hole, vtubers are those anime girls playing a game. You saw at least once on your recommended yeah? They wind up watching an entire backlog of clips and streams and essentially get addicted to them, They basically have no preferences in each vtuber yet and try to watch all of them. This is where most begin, in DD Hell.
Dude! I just can't get enough of these vtubers! Soon my sleeping schedule's gonna be fucked along with my wallet!

Sucks for you then, guess you're stuck in DD Hell until you can figure out your own preferences.
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 2, 2021
Founded by Jim Jones, A cultist activist and leader, In fear of the Government disbanding the cult, the People's Temple Followers drank poison-laced purple Cool-Aid. Causing a mass-murder suicide in the surrounding area.
The People's Temple has brought bad luck to Jonestown and its' citizens .
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 25, 2017
A clan formed by the company Toni Kensa, its goals are to help other players on techniques and improve socializing with fellow members! Kensa Ink disbanded on Friday, Nov 09, 2018 09:22 AM.
Hey! The MisFits want to scrim with the guys at Kensa Ink!
by Swarts Dè Bangâr November 21, 2018
Mo•ther•board ; A giant green square with a bunch a processers, RAM plus gizmos to power your computer.
When I got a BSoD, (Blue Screen of Death) my motherboard was fried
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 25, 2017
Dank Memes that are dankest than the other Danker Memes
Dude! You have the Dankest Memes out of all of us man; you're so dank!
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 25, 2017
To be obesessed in surrounding yourself with the interested gender numerous times, rarely to the point of where the subject fatally lacerates their own hand.

Symptoms induced are similar to depression & fatigue due to constant isolation of the interested sex & lone satisfaction. Causes of such can be pointed to Japanese animation & the cliché of the protagonist oblivious to numerous individuals of the interested sex "wanting them". As such this condition is common to Japan and parts of the United States.
Go back to trying to woo your 3 girlfriends you haremaholic.
by Swarts Dè Bangâr March 13, 2019